Things to do in Dallas

Things to do in Dallas

Dallas has world renowned shopping and restaurants. I'll review food in the next blog. Today I'll recommend things I do when guests are  visiting and wanting some cultural touring around this vibrant city. 

Sixth Floor Museum - check out the museum and see and listen to details about the sad day for Dallas and the Nation when JFK was assassinated in Dealy Plaza. Visit the Grassy Knoll to see where JFK was shot in 1963. 

Southfork Ranch from the Dallas Series- see where the hit series took place and learn about the "Who Shot JR" season. Ride a train through the grounds and learn about the Ranch. See livestock and horses. Book ahead as they only take small groups. 

George W. Bush Library- Located on  SMU Campus near down town. This interactive in depth tour looking at the 8 years of "W's" presidency is worth the visit regardless of your politics. See displays and memorabilia from 9/11 including actual steel beams from the World Trade Center. Have lunch in the Cafe 43 and enjoy the great service with delicious sandwiches and entrees. Finish up with coffee and Mrs Bush's Award Winning Cowboy Cookies. Enjoy the 15 acre "Native Texas Park' and see native Texas environments including Blackland Prairies that 99% no longer remain in Texas. 

Next week we will talk food in Dallas, my favorite. 

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